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If you are just starting the process of buying a home or if you are ready to purchase right away, we will make the process easy to understand, and clear your path to close on a home that fits your criteria and budget.  After an initial conversation with you, we will assess your needs and direct you to lender contacts to begin the process of getting pre-approved for a home loan and entering your criteria into our system.  Within an hour or so, you can be receiving emailed listings of homes that fit your specific criteria and price range.  Once you identify the homes that you like and want to see, our team will set up showings to see the homes in person.  When you find the home you want to purchase, we will guide you through the home inspection process and all the way through to closing.

Pre-Approval/Approval Preparation ChecklistMortgage Process

A pre-approval is a preliminary credit check and gives you a general idea of your financial ability as it relates to purchasing a home.  Obtaining a pre-approval is an important part of the home buying process.  Knowing that you can get financing and how much you can borrow comfortably goes a long way to ensure that you are searching for a home that is within your financial capabilities.  A pre-approval is an essential part of placing an offer on a home to show the seller that you are qualified financially.  It also shows the seller that you have taken the time to talk to a lender and are a serious buyer for their home.   An alternative to a pre-approval is when a lender takes the time on your first contact with them to get you approved as opposed to pre-approved.  This process is more in depth up front but can save you time later in the home buying process. Getting a mortgage approval strengthens your offer, especially in competing offer scenarios and can greatly reduce the time it takes to close on a home.  Not all lenders do approvals up front.  The list of lenders below will indicate the ones that will.   If you are prepared, the process can be brief.  Here is what you should have before you call for either a pre-approval or an approval:

  1. Name, address, and social security number for each person applying for the loan and for your current landlord or Mortgage Company, if applicable.
  2. Photo ID (Driver’s License or Passport and Social Security Card)
  1. The sources of funds that you will use for down payment and closing costs
  2. Your bank name and the balances of your checking and savings accounts
  3. Two months most recent Bank Statements (all pages, even if they are blank)
  4. The value of any stocks, bonds, mutual funds, or any other assets that you own
  5. Net worth of any businesses that you own if applicable
  1. Your gross monthly income, listing salary base, commission and bonuses separately
  2. Two years most recent Tax Returns and W2’s or 1099’s
  3. Employment information dating back two years and have your two most recent paycheck stubs
  4. Income such as child support and alimony if borrower wants it considered for loan repayment
  5. Social Security, retirement, or dividend and interest income
  1. Credit cards or installment loans
  2. Other properties you own such as rentals, 2nd homes, or investment properties
  3. Alimony or child support payments if applicable

It is important to know that the following actions occurring after formal mortgage application can dramatically alter your credit score or debt to income ratio’s which could prevent you from closing on your home purchase:

Changing jobs or becoming self-employed
Major purchase such as a vehicle or furniture (do not make any substantial purchases)
Use of credit cards or late payments
Spending money saved and designated for your down payment
New inquiries on your credit report
Large deposits (unless typical) into your bank accounts
Changing bank accounts
Co-signing of a loan for anyone


Here are some lenders that I am familiar with that can give you a pre-approval:

Movement Mortgage

(will do a mortgage approval)
Kevin O’Laughlin
Apply Now or Contact Kevin

SAIL Mortgage

Don Tiger
Apply Now or Contact Don

Victorian Finance

Carol DeFazio
Apply Now or Contact Carol

Wells Fargo Home Mortgage

Connie Storino
NMLSR ID#125841

Welcome Home Finance

Julie McCracken
Apply Now or Contact Julie

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